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About Us

Various versions have evolved over the years, sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose.

Our Mission

We want to make it easy for anyone to create BEP20 tokens for their project. Let it be for funding, meme tokens or anything else. We offer different plans for different projects. We believe that a lot of creative and like minded people out there are being held back on their projects, due to not having experience in either coding or the blockchain itself. This is where bep20-generator comes in handy. Our platform allows anyone to create and deploy BEP20 Tokens to the Binance Smart Chain Network, without coding- and/or blockchain experience. Welcome to the future of BEP20.

The team

The team behind bep20-generator got more than 20+ years experience in software- and web development, as well as 10+ years experience in the cryptocurrency world. While bep20-generator is the first blockchain concept and idea for the team, they’ve absolutely nailed it.

The future

Since bep20-generator started its development back in January of 2021, we’ve come a long way. As of May 2021 we’re finally ready to go live and welcome anyone to deploy their contracts with us. Don’t worry, we’ve only just begun. In the near future of 2021 we’ll bring a lot of updates to our system. A few mentionable being; Admin dashboard for Contract Creators, more flexible contract choices, automatic liquidity pool for tokens and much more. Stand by for these awesome updates.