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Custom token- name and symbol

Custom token name means you'll be able to decide the name for your token Example: FreeToken.
Custom token symbol means you'll be able to decide the symbol of your token, this is most likely an abbreviation of your token name. Example: FREE

Fixed or capped supply

Fixed supply means the initial supply will be sent to the owner wallet on deployment. You wont be able to increase or decrease the circulating supply at any point.
Capped supply means you'll select an initial supply which will be sent to ownerwallet. You can later mint more tokens into circulation. You cannot mint more than your defined supply cap.

Verified contracts on BSCScan

Verified contracts is a way to prove to your community, that the sourcecode behind your token is valid and not full of bugs. All contracts deployed from BEP20 Generator is automatically verified on BSCScan on the premisses of being "similar match". You can read more about how Similar Match works here.

Role Based Access

Your Token will have Roles. You can add or remove ADMIN or MINTER role to addresses. Your token will be Ownable too.

Mintable tokens

Minting tokens means you'll be able to mint tokens into circulation. You will not be able to mint tokens than your max supply defined when making your contract.
Example: Initial supply of 1,000,000 with a max supply of 5,000,000. You'll be able to mint 4,000,000 tokens into circulation.

Burnable tokens

Burnable tokens means you'll be able to burn(destroy) token from your circulation. These tokens are sent to a dead wallet that noone has access to. This is mostly done to decrease the circulating supply to keep up the liquidity of your token.

Operable tokens

Operable tokens are used to make callbacks on the reciever contract. This is mainly used by developers, using your contract in any way such as payments, subscriptions, etc.

Token recovery

Token recovery can be used to recover tokens, sent into the contract by mistake.

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