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How to mint tokens

Using BSCScan Contract Writer

Why mint tokens?

Minting tokens is a way of adding more tokens into circulation. This could be after a presale or to add more tokens into the liquidity pool.

Bep20 Generator admin panel

Bep20 Generator is currently working on a admin panel for token owners. This will be available in the near future and will make this guide deprecated. But for now, please use this guide.

How and why mint tokens?

How to access contract writer

Minting tokens can be done using the builtin contract writer on BSCScan. In order to mint tokens, you must be the contract owner. Visit your contract writer token page on bscscan, the url looks like this: From here you'll have to connect to your web3 wallet. Once connected to your web3 wallet, you'll be able to write to your contract.

How to mint tokens

In order to mint tokens, scroll down until you see the "Mint".
Enter the amount of tokens you wish to Mint followed by the amount of decimals your token have in 0's.
Example: If you want to mint 1 token and your token has 9 decimals, this is what your input should be: 1000000000
After typing your desired amount, press the Write button and complete the transaction in metamask. There's always a gas fee when doing transactions on the BSC Network. Your tokens are now minted and added to your wallet.

Why mint tokens?

Minting tokens is a good thing, when you've finished a presale or just needs to generate more tokens into circulation. Minting tokens can be very risky as it may inflate the current market price of your token. Since you're adding more tokens into circulation, you're also reducing the price of 1 token.

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