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How to list your token on Pancakeswap

Liquidity on Pancakeswap

When adding liquidity to your token, you're making your token exchangeable on Pancakeswap.

Locked liquidity

To prove to your community that your token is legit and fair, a lot of projects decides to lock their liquidity.

Proof of Liquidity

A lot of sites, such as PooCoins, provides a proof of liquidity. This means anyone can see how much liquidity there is in a certain token - Transparency is key for this matter.

Adding liquidity

When adding liquidity to your token, it's important to remember that anyone will be able to use PancakeSwap to buy/exchange other currencies to your token.

PancakeSwap Liquidity

To add liquidity to your token head over to PancakeSwap Liquidity. From here you'll see the "add liquidity" button. Click this button and you'll see a new page. It should show 2 boxes, one is BNB and the other one is empty. Click on "Select a currency" on the bottom one and paste in your contract code for your token. When you've added your token you'll see a lot of information comming up regarding your liquidity. From here you want to type how much BNB you want to throw into the liquidity pool. Example: If you put 1 BNB into a liquidity pool and you add 100.000 tokens from your wallet, 1 of your tokens will be worth 0.00001 BNB. This means people will be able to buy 1 of your tokens for the total of 0.00001 BNB + gas fees. Last press the "Approve TokenName" and confirm the transaction in your web3 wallet.

Remove liquidity from PancakeSwap

If you want to remove liquidity from your pool, you want to head over to the liquidity part of PancakeSwap once again. From here you'll be able to see what pools you have liquidity in. If you do not see your pool, click the "import pool" and paste in your contract and you'll be able to see it. Once it's visible, click it and you'll see your liquidity in your pools. You now have to ability to remove X% from your pool. Simply select the wished amount to withdraw and confirm it in metamask.

Lock your liquidity

Many communities wishes to lock their liquidity. This is done to prove their fairness to the community. There's many reasons to lock liquidity, one of them being RugPulls, which means putting liquidity into your coin, making people buy it and then remove the whole liquidity pool at once. Tokengen does not provide any help to lock your liquidity, but we advice you to take a look at for more information about locking liquidity.

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